Fall Lace Day 2013

The Fall Lace Day was held at Ann’s beautiful lake house.  Golden bobbins did a great  job of hosting – thank you.  The goody bags were very nice – especially the biscorni and regular pincushions and the needlecases!  Anitra Stone gave a fascinating presentation on rescuing raptors.


Richard and Nora Worthen setting up shop – he has such beautiful bobbins!



Clay and Karen fooling around.



Sumi and Susan doing registrations.


Clay vending.

DSCF1971 DSCF1973

Jorah and Anitra


Liz and Muir shopping.


Hmmm.. How much can I possibly afford?


Anitra of the Owls – fascinating presentation!DSCF1978 DSCF1979 DSCF1980 DSCF1981

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Tonder Lace Class with Bobbi Donnelly

Marie hosted a Tonder lace class May 3-5, 2013 at her beautiful studio.

Spring lace day 2013 003 Bobbi helping Muir with her lace.Spring lace day 2013 045 Spring lace day 2013 046 Spring lace day 2013 047 Ann deep in thought.Spring lace day 2013 048 Spring lace day 2013 049 Spring lace day 2013 050 Clay taking a break.Spring lace day 2013 051 Spring lace day 2013 052 Spring lace day 2013 053 Spring lace day 2013 054 Spring lace day 2013 055

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Spring Lace Day, May 4th, 2013

The Piedmont Lacers hosted the Lace Olympics in Chapel Hill.

Spring lace day 2013 004


Marie and Friend visit in the beautiful Robert and Pearl Seymour Center in Chapel Hill, NC.

Spring lace day 2013 005 Bobbi Donnelly’s christening gown.Spring lace day 2013 006 Bobbi’s Tonder lace display.Spring lace day 2013 007 Spring lace day 2013 008 Spring lace day 2013 009 Spring lace day 2013 010 Spring lace day 2013 011 Spring lace day 2013 012 Spring lace day 2013 013 Katherine Kubel taugh a class on knitting ruffle yarn scarves.Spring lace day 2013 014 Spring lace day 2013 015 Katherine Kubel teaching.Spring lace day 2013 016 Lace Maker’s AlleySpring lace day 2013 017 Jane Armstrong taught an advanced tatting techniques class.Spring lace day 2013 018 Spring lace day 2013 019 Spring lace day 2013 020 Spring lace day 2013 021 Spring lace day 2013 022 Very important supplies.Spring lace day 2013 023 Spring lace day 2013 026 NCRL business meeting.Spring lace day 2013 028 Spring lace day 2013 030 Lace Olympic winners.Spring lace day 2013 031 Marie presented Bobbi’s program on Tonder lace.Spring lace day 2013 036Door prizes.


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Fall Lace Day 2012

We met at Sweet Briar College in Virginia on September 15, 2012.  The theme was An Old Twist on Crosses with a presentation on Fairy Stones of Virginia by Nancy Cooper.

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Spring Lace Day, 2012

We met at the Senior Center in Chapel Hill on May 5, 2012.  The theme was Trials and Terrors of Fiber.

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Spring Lace Day 2011

The Piedmont Lacers did a wonderful job with the Spring Lace Day at the Senior Center in Chapel Hill. The program on Idrija Lace by Allie Marguccio was wonderful. She also let us enjoy a display of Idrija lace from her family collection.
Idrija Lace

Idrija Lace

Peg Ladd taught a Beginning Bobbin Lace class.

Beginning Bobbin Lace class

Beginning Bobbin Lace class

Beginning Bobbin Lace class

Jane Armstrong taught tatting, wearing her hedgehog slippers ( she got them at Harris Teeter!)

Tatting Class with Jane Armstrong

Jane's hedghog slippers

Debra Jenny taught a class on beginning jewelry design.
Beginning Jewelry Design

Beginning Jewelry Design

The vendors included Lacy Susan;
Lacy Susan

Richard Worthen;
Richard Worthen

…and the Lacemaker.
The Lacemaker

Sumi made some beautiful Idrija lace in Allie’s workshop.

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