News and Updates, January 2016

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Our annual Lace Day will be April 16, 2016 in Chapel Hill, NC.  We will also host a wrap-around lace workshop with Holly Van Sciver on April 15 and 17.  Click here for the agenda and registration forms:  Spring 2016 Stuff.     The deadline to order bobbins and goodie bags is Feb. 26.  The deadline for registration and the workshop is March 15.    Email Muir Dean if you wish to help with the day.

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5 Responses to News and Updates, January 2016

  1. Ellie Baughman says:

    Hello.. I’m Ellie also known as Hummingbird Ellie when I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2014. I’m going back in 2017 to hike again but this time with my good friend and “sister” lace maker Cherre. We will be getting off the trail to visit local towns along the trail and would love to meet with other “sister” lace makers who live nearby. What a wonderful highlight that would be to our hike. I’m not sure how we can do this. Facebook and Blogs came to mind. I’m sending out this request for “help” if you have any ideas. We will be hiking 2186 miles from Georgia to Maine beginning in April and ending in October. Thank you, Ellie

    • mchase says:

      Dear Ellie, There are many lace groups along the Appalachian trail. I would suggest that you join the International Organization of Lace at
      Dues are $30 per year. They will send you a members handbook that includes contact information for every lace guild in the US and overseas. There are also local and regional guilds that you can access. Most guilds are open to visitors. Membership in IOLI also gives you a subscription to their journal (4 issues a year) and, most importantly, access to their library. They host a convention every year (this July in Indianapolis). IOLI has a NING at that anyone can read but you must be a member to post. NCRL has a Facebook page (just search Facebook for North Carolina Regional Lacers).
      Good luck on your trip, Michelle

  2. Sonja Wainwright says:

    I am interested in finding someone in my area that teaches tennerriffe. My cell number is 336-460-1874. I am accessible to Lexington, Winston Salem, and Greensboro. Thank you

  3. Danita Ostasiewski says:

    I am so excited about stumbling on the group! I am in Kernersville. Is there anyone around who specializes in tatting?

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