We did it again! Tonder Workshop with Bobbi Donnelly

Once again, Marie hosted Bobbi at her beautiful studio in Hillsborough, NC.  Most of the students were continuing in Tonder lace.  Bobbi brought more new patterns and her gorgeous christening gown trimmed in Tonder lace.  The company was excellent, the food was good, Dick was the perfect gentleman and the lace was sublime.  We even learned how to do belly dancing boob lifts (thanks, Vicki, I can’t wait for next time to learn butt lifts!) They are actually quite good for backs sore from learning over a lace pillow.  We hope to have another workshop the weekend of our Fall Lace Day and another one next spring.

Karen, Clay, Sumi, Allison, Barbara and Mary working in Marie's studio


Marie contemplating the lace.

Liz and Muir


Vicki and Bobbi

Mary, Clay and Sumi

Sumi's pillow

Tonder Workshop with Bobbi Donnelly, March 2012




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