Lace Retreat

I just got back from a wonderful lace weekend at Ann’s lace house. The food was excellent, the company was marvelous, and Ann is the best hostess ever. I was so busy making lace that I forgot to take any photos – sorry. Jorah brought his kayak and made some excellent omelettes. Myrriah, Cynthia and Lynn also came. We decided to cancel the September 8th meeting and meet at the Fall Lace Day on September 15th at Sweet Briar College. The October meeting will be at Barnfull of Quilts in Waxhaw on October 6th. See you at Fall Lace Day.

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4 Responses to Lace Retreat

  1. Margaret Rossetto says:

    I am spending the winter on Malta and have become interested in lacemaking. Please let me know if your group will be offering any retreats for beginners in 2013. I live in Wisconsin (most of the year) and have not managed to locate any classes nearby.
    Thank you,

    • mchase says:

      Dear Margaret,
      There is one lace group in Wisconsin that I am aware of -Lighthouse Lacers ( They could probably let you know about lace days and classes.
      Happy lacing, Michelle

  2. LadyShold says:

    Are there any close to the towns I mentioned? Lace Retreat and New Meeting Dates? thanks, I may have to go to the China grove one, I haven’t even bought any thing yet? very new indeed, lol .

    • mchase says:

      The Piedmont Lacers meet in Chapel Hill and Sir Walter’s Lacers meet in Raleigh. I will send you a private email with contact information.

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