Lace at Sweet Briar 2013

Last week I attended Lace at Sweet Briar at Sweet Briar College in Amherst, Virginia.  It was a wonderful week of lacemaking and friends.  I took a class with my favorite teacher (Bobbi Donnelly) and my favorite lace (Tonder).  Bobbi has a new book out on reconstructions of Tonder cross cloths, and she had all of the laces from the book on display at LASB.  Gorgeous!  I had the best roommates ever – thanks Mary, Dawn and Judy.  We went on long walks, enjoyed the gym and pool, and  really stretched our skills as lacemakers.  Thank you Clay and all of your helpers for a fantastic week.

Nancy Carnegie's pillowNancy’s pillow had a mountain of beautiful bobbins, all held in place by a simple chain of yarn.

Karen Douglas Karen’s start for the Big Heart of Denmark bonnet back.Bobbi's display Bobbi’s lace and book display.Sue Babb's in Bobbi's class Sue and others in the Tonder class.Tonder class at LASB Sister Madeleine checking out Bobbi’s display.Susie Johnson at LASB Susie Johnson taught Lace a la CarteSusi's Lace a la Carte class Susie’s classLouise Colgan's Milanese class Louise Colgan’s Milanese classLouise teaching Louise Colgan’s Milanese classPeyote beaded bobbins Milanese class Peyote beaded bobbins and a Milanese MoonNancy cutting off a finished piece! Nancy cuts off a piece!Nancy's Tonder handkerchiefsBobbi’s display with Nancy’s Tonder handkerchiefs and the lace from the new book
s'Gravenmoer fanSusan K’s s’Gravenmoer fanLASB2013 001 Nancy Carnegie and Bobbi Donnelly celebrate their new book “Spiderweb and Dreams” and the Tonder Museum’s pattern for “Flower Garden”.  Bobbi did the reconstructions from old Tonder laces in the museum and Nancy made all of the samples.  LASB2013 004Bobbi and Karen in the Tonder class.
LASB2013 005 Dawn’s Milanese phoenixLASB2013 007 Dawn and Mary M. in the Milanese classLASB2013 008 Judy in the Milanese classLASB2013 010 Milanese hedgehogLASB2013 011 Milanese butterfly unveiledLASB2013 012 Bobbi and Charlotte in the Tonder classLASB2013 019Door prizes after dinner with Clay, Bobbi and Susie

Dogwood Mary’s Milanese DogwoodBobbiTallies Bobbi teaching tallies.BincheBinche lace design class with Anny Noben-Siegers

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  1. Hi! I loved all the Tonder and Sweet Briar photos! Thanks for putting them out there!

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