Spring Lace Day 2010 – Hedgehog Daze

The hedgehog corral

The hedgehog pen

On Saturday, April 10th, numerous hedgehogs and their humans converged on the Seymour Center in Chapel Hill for the NCRL Spring Lace Gathering.   A significant number of the attendees took classes in beginning bobbin lace, rosepoint, tatting, or hardanger embroidery.  We were lucky to have both Lacy Susan and VanSciver Bobbin Lace present as vendors.  It was so nice to be able to see and touch items we were considering for purchase.

The hedge-pen display was wonderful!  It seems many of us have been secretly collecting all types of hedgehogs-big, small, stitched, and painted.  Our speaker, Dr. Doerr, did a great job of introducing us to the “real” life of the hedgehog with a combination of wit and knowledge.

Close-up of the hedgehog tableAs usual, goodie bags, door prizes, and lunch were enjoyed by all.  A big thank you for the use of the Seymour Center which allows us to so easily host a Lace Day. Thanks also to all those who contributed door prizes and who worked so hard to make the Lace Day a success.

Close-up of the hedgehog tableClose-up of the hedgehog table

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  1. mchase says:

    Nice pictures- thanks!

  2. Esther L Aparicio says:

    I like your work.


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