Golden Bobbins Library

April 10, 2011: I have added a page, at the top banner, where you can access an updated library list. Here is a file, updated December 21, 2010, of our library books.  Please let me know if I have missed any books or if you cannot access this database.  I had originally used MS Office Access but WordPress wouldn’t let me upload it, so I pasted it into MS Word.

If you are unable to attend meetings and would like to borrow books, send me an email and I will mail them to you for the actual postage cost.

Golden Bobbins Library Books Dec 2010

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  1. jette sørensen says:

    how can i get to sethe books by: kloppelspitzen in glas von M Geissendorffer and kloppelsterne in glas by the same named i hope too hear from you and hope to se them i like hears kloppelbrife

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