Idrija Workshop, March 12-14, 2016

Workshop members

Workshop members

Golden Bobbins hosted an Idrija Workshop at Ann’s house this Spring.  Allie Marguccio taught her 2nd workshop here, organized by Sumi.  It was an excellent weekend, full of fun, friends and lace.  Because the theme of the NCRL Spring Lace Day in Chapel Hill on April 16 is Lace Jewelry, many of the participants worked on earrings and necklaces.  We leaned some wonderful new techniques.

Our hostess, Ann

Our hostess, Ann


Our teacher, Allie

Our teacher, Allie


Door prizes

Door prizes


Sumi organized the workshop

Sumi organized the workshop


Ann's Heart

Ann’s Heart

Dawn's Heart

Dawn’s Heart

Dianna's Butterfly

Dianna’s Butterfly

IMG_5731 IMG_5732 IMG_5741 IMG_5770 IMG_5771 IMG_5772

Judy's Earrings

Judy’s Earrings

Mary's Earrings

Mary’s Earrings

Michelle's Mat

Michelle’s Mat

Prabha's Earrings

Prabha’s Earrings

Rhoda's Necklace

Rhoda’s Necklace

Sally's Necklace

Sally’s Necklace

Sumi's Earrings

Sumi’s Earrings

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3 Responses to Idrija Workshop, March 12-14, 2016

  1. DianaLyn says:

    Hello and let me start off by saying all the work is beautiful. I am fairly new to bobbin lace making, started last March 2015 with Torchon and now learning Schneeberger. I love making lace; it has brought me such relaxation and wisdom. I live in PA and have joined a very small lace group but would love to learn Idrija which is what I am striving for. I have purchased videos on Russian lace along with a Schneeberger video and Lia-Baumister-Jonker has personally sent me some of her Schneeberger books. I am wondering if you can recommend any videos or books to teach me this type of lace. Anything you can help me with is greatly appreciated. Best wishes and keep lacing.

    • mchase says:

      Dear Diana, Thank you for your kind comments. For Idrija, I have been using “Idrija Spitze” by Irma Sedej and Maja Svetlik, but I think it is out of print. Holly Van Sciver has several Idrija lace books available. I have seen “Idrija Lace Narrow Cloth Stitch” and its very nice – lots of instruction. Her website is She is a reliable vendor – lots of nice books and supplies. Best wishes, Michelle

  2. bonnie collins says:

    have not had the opportunity to try that type of lace although have done torchon, bucks point, and some Russian tape lace. Love the idea of doing some ear rings. Also love the doggie

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