Tonder Lace Workshop April 2016

Marie Kulchinski hosted a Tonder Lace Workshop with Bobbi Donnelly on April 1-3, 2016 in Hillsborough, NC.  The first day of the workshop was sewing together a beaded lace cuff.  We had made the lace beforehand as homework.  The second part of the class was working on Tonder lace mats that Bobbi has reconstructed from antique Danish lace.  As always, Marie’s studio and hospitality was perfect and Bobbi’s teaching was unparalleled.

Workshop Participants

Workshop Participants

Bobbi and Karen Douglas and Michael Giusiana have just published a book of “10 Lessons of Tonder Lace: the Teaching Program of Cathrine Lorenzen”, so we all purchased a copy.

Michelle, Bobbi and Karen

Michelle, Bobbi and Karen

As always, Bobbi’s display of Tonder lace was very nice.

TonderGarter Bobbi'sTonderLace2

This is the small mat that many of the participants worked on.Bobbi'sTonderLace

This is the larger mat.


Bobbi’s Tonder Cuff Bracelets


Michelle’s bracelet, not quite done.TonderCuff

The lace for the bracelet, prior to stitching it together. TeachingMoment

Bobbi and KarenOurHostessMarie

Our hostess, Marie.


Michelle’s pillow


Michelle’s pillow


Karen’s pillow


Karen’s Danish bobbins.


Karen’s pillow


Dianna’s pillow


Dianna’s pillow


Bobbi – a teaching moment


Ann’s beautiful smile


Ann’s pillow

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We will be sure to do this again next year.  Thank you, everyone.

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