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If you are a member of Golden Bobbins and have suggestions for the site, please contact Michelle Chase at zzmclwc@hotmail.com.

The Golden Bobbins are a group of lace makers dedicated to all of the textile arts concerning lace. Our members make bobbin lace, knit, weave, tat, crochet, spin, quilt, embroider, etc… The news link above will access our current newsletter with meeting dates and times. All are welcome at our meetings. Photos of members work are available (actually, they will be available soon), as are favorite textile links.

We are also a member group of the North Carolina Regional Lacers.

Members may belong to such groups as IOLI (International Old Lacemakers, Inc.), OIDFA (l’Organisation Internationale de la Dentelle au Fuseau et a l’Aiguille), the Triad Lacers, Tattered (a tatting guild), the Piedmont Fiber Guild, the Embroiderer’s Guild of America, and other textile guilds. Links to these organizations are available on the links page.

Last updated March 17, 2019.

Contact the webmaster; Michelle Chase:  zzmclwc at hotmaildotcom

21 Responses to Welcome to our site…

  1. Jane Armstrong says:

    Hi everyone,
    I can’t help thinking of you all this weekend. The loss of Pat was very sad news here. Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you.
    Love and prayers,

  2. Clay Blackwell says:

    I’m so sorry that we have lost Pat. She was a wonderful person, and loved NCRL. I’ll always be grateful that I was at the Fall Lace Day in Gold Hill, which she helped Marge organize. It was a wonderful lace day – memorable in many ways.


  3. Kimberly says:

    Can anyone assist me in where to go to learn bobbin lace making in NC? I tried to find classes but have not found anyone that can teach a beginner. Your assistance is appreciated.

    • mchase says:

      Try to attend one of the meetings of the guild so you can talk to members and see if anyone gives private lessons. I don’t know who is teaching right now. Michelle

  4. LadyShold says:

    Can anyone assist me in where to go to learn bobbin lace making in NC? I tried to find classes but have not found anyone that can teach a beginner. I live by Asheboro, Greensboro, Highpoint ,NC

  5. LadyShold says:

    what guild and where is there one, I don’t know of any? meetings of the guild ??? thanks for your help ahead of time to let me know if there is anyone who teaches in the areas I mentioned.
    I live by Asheboro, Greensboro, Highpoint ,NC


  6. phyl SCHIWAL says:

    I’m a new lacer near Atlanta, GA. In fact, I’ve had one class = yesterday. Where do you lacers buy your bobbins? Our teacher said their was “somebody in NC” who turns his own bobbins. Can you please provide the name, number, website? Thanx.

  7. Valerie L says:

    I want to get rid of my supply of bobbins, some antique, some are Archer bobbins, plus all supplies such as pillows and books. I have reached that time where my eyes no longer allow me to continue.
    I would appreciate any suggestions on where to sell them.

  8. Lindsay Michaels says:

    My neighbor picked up a partially completed piece of tatting being done against a cloth, obviously meant to be removed when item is completed. It appears to us to be fairly old, maybe 60 years or so. Would anyone like to have this?

  9. Emily Stevens says:

    Are there any classes in Charlotte, NC?

  10. Bahiyya Amh-Shere says:

    Greetings I am interested in learning about tatting. I live in Tucker GA. Where are you located?

  11. Nancy West says:

    I have a lace making pillow, bobbins, torchon lace books from England and Belgium that I would like to sell. I made a storage and carrying bag for the pillow, so all are in good condition. I live in the Columbia, SC, area, and would like these items to go to someone with more talent and interest than mine. Email me or call, 309 – 472-4950.

  12. Lois Baker says:

    I have two lace making pillows (one cookie pillow, one handmade roller pillow), carrying case, bobbins, thread, and various lace books that I would like to sell. All in excellent condition – very lightly used. I live in western NC, and have more fiber hobbies than time — would very much like to see all of this used. Email lbcreeksong@gmail.com

  13. Adie says:

    Have old lace , old book, that needs to find a new home. Contact for pictures and more information.

  14. Karlya Buckner says:

    I would like to join to continue to learn about tatting

  15. Clare Plaxton says:

    My mom used to make lace and had quite a few bobbins that need to find a new home. Anybody know of where I can find them a new home? Thanks!

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