Jewelry in Lace – Spring Lace Day – April 16, 2016

We had a great meeting this last Saturday – thanks to everyone who was involved in planning and putting on the day.  The theme was Lace Jewelry and the displays were awesome.

Goodie bags

Goodie bags

Holly Van Sciver taught a wrap-around workshop and was a vendor.  There were several classes on Saturday.

Introduction to Bobbin Lace Class with Debra Jenny

Introduction to Bobbin Lace Class with Debra Jenny

20160416_10095820160416_101001Tonya Little taught a bobbin lace bracelet class.



Dianna's bracelet

Dianna’s bracelet

Sumi's bracelet

Sumi’s bracelet

Barbara Johnson taught a Neck-Lace class.

20160416_10354520160416_10360020160416_103617Rhoda Stein taught a Herringbone Beading class.

Herringbone Beading class with Rhoda Stein

Herringbone Beading class with Rhoda Stein

20160416_10344220160416_103452We had some wonderful vendors, including Holly Van Sciver, Richard Worthen and Susan Wenzel.  We also had a Lacemaker’s Ally, where you could buy gently used supplies and books.

20160416_10103020160416_10104920160416_101039The displays of lace jewelry was very nice.

20160416_12411720160416_12410720160416_12405320160416_12404620160416_124036(0)20160416_12401820160416_12401220160416_11581520160416_11580420160416_11575920160416_11575120160416_11574620160416_11573920160416_11571420160416_115711The day continued with lunch,  a lace-in and a business meeting and finished with door prizes.  It was an excellent day of shopping, learning, lacemaking and friends.


Lace scarf

Lace scarf

20160416_14112520160416_14111920160416_14110420160416_14105420160416_14102220160416_13455520160416_13181720160416_13175820160416_13174720160416_13170320160416_13164320160416_13155820160416_13150720160416_13145420160416_12412620160416_131733Our next NCRL Lace Day is scheduled for April 1, 2017.  Please plan to attend – you will have a great time.  Watch this space for details.

My apologies for any fuzzy pictures – my camera died and I had to use my phone.

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  1. Christina King says:

    Thank you for sharing with those of us who could be there in spirit only! See you next year.

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